About Us

Xholdings International, headquartered in Austin, Texas is unlike traditional Venture Capital and Private Equity firms. XHI was formed for the purpose of accelerating innovation by providing capital investment and subject matter expertise into companies with technologies that can have significant impact on humanity. XHI vision is simple but important: Accelerating innovation for the benefit of society

Formed by a group of seasoned executives with business savvy expertise in various fields each realized that through their business consulting efforts and connections could form a holding venture company to provide capital and managed investment services to a large group of companies.



Newton Hamlin

Manager and CEO

As CEO/founder or Chairman, over 40 years Newt helped launch companies in the software, hardware, medical technologies, medical research, food products, logistics, and other industries. Several of those companies came from innovation from US universities. He has been involved in raising more than $300 million in growth capital for private companies and has provided M&A advisory services for twelve companies

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Marina Martinez


Sr. Leader who has excelled in multiple roles based on organizational needs. Background of experience include leadership, operational transformation, business strategy, entrepreneurship, execution, and project management. She has spent several years managing operations for both small and large companies and transforming operations toward profitability.

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Extensive Network

The XHI team's network is extensive and global, including advisors from the political, military, banking, and various other areas of expertise...all in support to help our portfolio companies achieve success.